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FIFA 17 coins

FIFA 17 coins

How to receive coins via player auction? 

Please read the folloing steps before Buying FIFA17 coins via player auction

1. The total amount value of the players’ buy now price is equal to your order.

2. Set a special starting price 

3. Each order, you could list more than 1 player, you'd better list same player card for an order, please kindly let us know if you listed different player card on.

4. 5% EA tax fee you need to cover 



How to receive coins via player auction? 

A.Choose FIFA coins amuont and pay. 
B. List player card on ( a player with ordered value, or few player cards, let us know all player after listed on)
C. Player card was bought by our delivery guy


Please tell me for any question about purchasing. contact us,Looking for FIFA coins partnership at ut1buy.com, check here for more details and Skype:ut1buycom

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