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Q:What's my affiliate tracking link after registered?

A:Your tracking link is" http://www.ut1buy.com/?tracking=tracking code" for example your tracking code is 5474dbe6b5c2e, then your affiliate link is http://www.ut1buy.com/?tracking=5474dbe6b5c2e,and also you can change your tracking code, just contact us or change by yourself if you want

Q: Do you cover the EA Tax?

A: Yeah, EA tax is covered by our site normally, so please list 5% more than your order for Buy now price.

Q: Is safe to buy FIFA15 coins on your site?

A:That's right, EA don't allow Utimate Team player to buy fifa coins from third party,but buy fifa coins online or not just like style of life, you can choose what's kinda of style of playing. We didn't receive any customer issue about account banned til now.


Q: How long will you take to deliver FIFA coins usually?

 A: Thanks for your question, for a FIFA player or coins buyer, fast delivery is very important, we deliver order in about 10mins after you paid, but sometime here is something which is out of our control like EA server's problem or coins market issuse, then will take more time, but we will notify you or release related neew on our social network firstly if there is any problem we can't deliver instantly as usual.


Q:which payment i can pay on your site

A:Right now you can pay via Paypal,moneybooker or credit card, master card,visa card all others card via paypal and Moneybooker


Q: What should I do if I did not get my order ?

A:We are a company here with this site, so just please don't worry safe or not. Please contact us via email or Skype on our site if you didn't get your order in about 30mins. Maybe we can't find your player card correctly, then you have to contact us and offer us the correct information.


Q: Will you refund if I do not want coins anymore ?

A: Yeah sure no problem,refund policy is guranteed 100% on our site, we will refund you quickly if you don't want this order anymore or was dissatisfied with our site.


Q: how does work about the sponsorship

A :Yeah, we encourge to join us the affiliate proram, we can deliver fifa15 coins as free for our partner here who want to do some giveaway in his game and his video, then easy to build a great team.

 Q: can i receive money if i advertise your site?

 A:Yes, sure, we can pay you monthly, weekly or per video you are a Youtuber. We will pay you on 10th, 20th,30th of each month, just leave us your paypal email firstly. We will pay you on time depends on cooperation terms.

 Q:What's kinds of publisher will you sponsor?

 A;FIFA youtube uploader, Twitch streammer, Site ownner or Facebook user, Twitter user. Anyone who have a chance to join us if you want to get richer and richer in your game and real life, then just choose us.


 Q:Can i be a fifa coins reseller from your site.

A:Yeah like i said last question, everyone who want to be richer, then ut1buy will give them a chance. Wholesale is available on our site, we would like to offer you a much cheaper price, then you can sell it to your friend or country.


That's all about questions and answers now, please feel free to tell us if you got any suggestion for us, we will really appreciate you. Thanks for your support ut1buy.

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